Friday, November 10, 2017

100 Years of Research: Celebration Edition

More than 200 people joined us for the Wilder Research Centennial Celebration on October 25. Many others sent their good wishes. We had the opportunity to celebrate a long tradition of high-quality research intended to benefit the community.

All in attendance had the occasion to understand historical details about the origins of research at Wilder – a novel idea at its establishment in 1917. Through exhibits and a brief program, everyone learned about our current work, involving 90 staff in hundreds of projects conducted with and for nonprofit organizations, community groups, government agencies, and others, in this area and in other parts of this country and the world.

Sondra Samuels, a valued partner, inspired birthday celebrants with her description of the groundbreaking ways that the Northside Achievement Zone has addressed education needs. She highlighted the collaborative efforts between Wilder Research and NAZ, which began even before NAZ’s “Promise Neighborhood” designation. Kari Benson, another valued partner, illustrated how the Minnesota Department of Human Services leverages the work of Wilder Research, for the benefit of all people in the state, especially those who need extra help in their daily lives.

The formal remarks, the conversation, and the historical exhibits that evening exemplified the significant attributes of Wilder Research that have contributed to our ability to do as much good in the world as we possibly can:
  • Our emphasis on high-quality research – State-of-the-art methods, plus highly qualified staff, have resulted in a vital 100 years.
  • Our collaborative approach – For a century, our best work has involved partnerships.
  • Our nonprofit status – We know nonprofits from a century of working with them, and because we are a nonprofit ourselves.
  • Our nonpartisan commitment – No preconceived points of view; just a commitment to facts for social improvement.

 So, thank you, thank you. We look forward to the next century!