Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Homelessness - New Research

Wilder's most recent research related to homelessness received attention in the newspapers today. You can find articles in both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

Among the major findings is the fact that the total number of homeless persons in the state may have remained stable over the past three years. Of concern, though, are statistics showing such things as the large number of children who are homeless, the increase in mental illness, and the number of veterans who are homeless.

I'll have more comments in future blogs, but I wanted you to know about these news items. Dr. Greg Owen, the study director, will participate in some live events this week, on Minnesota Public Radio, for example, and on other radio and TV stations. If you have thoughts or comments, please let me know.


Ray said...

Thank you for this information. When was the radio time and can I hear it archived somewhere?

Paul Mattessich said...

The homeless veterans interview can be found at:

General article on study is:

Youth homelessness item is: